Evel Dick Behind Bars?

dick_donato.jpgScared and nervous by that title? Don’t be. Evel Dick is safe and sound and not in jail, or at least not to my knowledge.

This title refers to Dick Donato’s new reality show that he’s been shopping around. He’s making comparisons to Chef Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. According to Dick’s MySpace blog, just as Gordo travels around the country going to failing restaurants, then fixing menus, re-decorating, re-organizing the management, and cleaning out grease traps, Evel Dick plans to do the same with bars and clubs, given his extensive experience in the business.

The show concept has been well-received by those in the industry, according to Dick, and he’s spending this month shopping it around to the networks. I think it could work, yet I was always a big fan of Evel Dick and what he called his Dick at Nite shows at the Big Brother house, but that I renamed All Night Dick. Just as we get Chef Ramsay cursing out the manager of a restaurant, I would love to see Evel Dick doing the same to a bar manager.

Despite Dick being a product of CBS’ Big Brother, Idon’t see the show as quite right for that network. I could see it joining the ranks of Fox, though. It seems like it would be the perfect counterpart to Kitchen Nightmares. Currently we have two episodes of that on back to back each week. Why not follow it with Evel Dick Behind Bars? If not, I could see MTV or VH1 picking up this series as well.

Stay tuned to this space for updates on the latest on Evel Dick. Hopefully I’ll be reporting very soon that Dick Donato and his new series has been picked up and added to the fall 2009 schedule.

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