Why Not Celebrity Big Brother for U.S.?

gary_busey.jpgWhen I scour the internet for Big Brother information, I keep seeing all these things pop up about Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, and this leaves me wondering why we can’t do it here in the U.S.

I did go over it in my head for awhile, wondering if that wouldn’t just be the same as Surreal Life. Then I realized it would be different, as on Surreal Life, the celebrities still had ties to their famous lives. They had celebrity parties, took sojourns to Las Vegas, held press junkets, etc. They’re not being removed really from their everyday lives.

With Big Brother, being removed from your daily life and being isolated is pretty much what the game is about. They aren’t allowed contact with family, unlike on Surreal Life, and they don’t get to leave the house, unlike on Surreal Life. The only thing similar is celebrities living in a house together.

So here’s the big question. Who should be on a U.S. version of Celebrity Big Brother? Who do you want to see on slop? What two celebrities would you want to watch playing chess every day on the show? Should we put Gary Busey in the house just to add a little crazy fun? How about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston to add some arguing and backbiting right off the bat?

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Photo courtesy of celebpulp.com