Big Brother Items On eBay – Still Some Left

8b8d_1.JPGI thought for sure all the show memorabilia for Big Brother would be gone now from eBay, that we would have had a few things for season 10, and now it would be done, but I find I’m wrong. It’s still going strong as some people capitalize on whatever they can.

If you’d like to dress like Dan, we have

his Taken shirt
St. Mary’s Football shirt

Renny is obviously capitalizing a little here

Renny pillow
Christmas ornament
“I Brake for Flakes” Christmas mug
Christmas Snowflake Ornament
Renny Autographed Christmas Ornament
Renny Christmas Pillow
Renny Christmas Stocking
LSU Shirt
Pewter Christmas Ornament
Diaper Bag
Team Renny T-Shirt

We even have items left from BB2
Krista Stefall’s BB2 Bag
2 Shannon and Will Keys

Did I just help you with your Christmas shopping or what?