Winter Edition of Big Brother, Will They or Won’t They?

Just when you think you can put away the slop and RealPlayer until next summer comes other information suggesting there might possibly be a winter edition after all. There is still nothing from CBS at all suggesting or confirming this, but some others are suggesting that if the writers go ahead and strike, that we’ll have another winter like we had a year ago.

To me, it already seems like a winter from last year, and that’s just from the weather here around Chicago. It’s cold! I can’t find any hint of CBS suggesting they’ll follow through with a winter edition of Big Brother if the actors strike, but I did find another blog suggesting it will happen.

I can’t see why it would be in CBS’ better interests to hold an additional season of Big Brother. As excited as I was to have it last winter, it just never panned out. It seemed weird to have it on during the winter, and the way it was thrown together, it just never panned out. It was perhaps my least favorite season of all. Becaue of that, they had to walk into last summer’s season of Big Brother without any plan, but in a way, they seemed better, with no big secrets or twists.

The ratings didn’t seem all that good for the winter season, and the summer season seemed to suffer for it. Of course, if there is another additional season, I’ll be front and center by the live feeds, watching as I always do, but I’ll reserve the right grumble a little if it doesn’t go well.

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