April’s New Job With the Lingerie Football League

april.jpgLast heard from, April was bowling with Ollie, her showmance from Big Brother 10, and Jen and Nick from Big Brother 8. It seems after this, that April and Ollie aren’t just a showmance, but a real couple, but perhaps the two months that have passed since the end of the season isn’t really enough to determine the future of the relationship.

Professionally, it seems April is on track as well. According to the Reality TV Gossip Blog, April is now playing for the Phoenix Scorch, part of the Lingerie Football League. The teams are made up of attractive women that play football in provocative clothing. It seems a little odd that they’re in outfits that resemble swimsuits, yet wear mouth guards and helmets and football pads. Looking up the website for the Phoenix Scorch, I can’t find evidence of April definitely being on the team, but I do have this photo of her that sure makes her seem like she is part of the team.

Photo Courtesy of realitytvgossipblog.today.com

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