Dr. Will to Appear on The Doctors

Just in case seeing Will Kirby on Dr. 90210 and QVC isn’t enough for you, he’s appearing on yet another show this week, The Doctors. I did a little checking around to see what we can expect from his appearance.

Assumably he’ll be talking about his specialty of cosmetic dermatology, but the description of the show published on The Doctors website says the subject will be embarrassing questions from the audience. Dr. Will’s own website says he was filming two episodes of The Doctors. While we know one of the episodes will air Monday, November 17, we don’t know when the other will air.

What’s most interesting to me is that The Doctors website mentions nothing about Dr. Will appearing at all any days. This is a past reality TV show winner. Are they ashamed of the connection? They shouldn’t be as one of the doctors on the show, Travis Stork, was once on The Bachelor. He didn’t end up marrying his choice of the women. Instead, he’s now dating Carrie Underwood, an American Idol winner.

Do you want one more relaity TV connection, or better yet another Big Brother connection? According to this website, Sheila from season 9 will be in the audience asking questions. But, ssssh. Let’s not mention anything about reality TV.

Photo Courtesy of cbs.com

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