Show Your Support for Parker

parker.jpgBeen wondering how Parker was doing after Big Brother 9 ended. I have been. Every time I see a TMZ video I wonder if Parker is behind the camera. I was assuming he had stuck with it and was back on the streets looking for stories. According to the email I received today, I was wrong.

Today I received the following,

Hope all is well. Normally I don’t send a massive email listing, but this is kind of relevant. I have Gmail, and they save all addresses you respond to during the life of your account so I apologize if you received this email in error. If you don’t remember who I am, we’ve had some interaction at some point in time. I got a little click happy but check out my ad anyways if you can. I acted in this spec commercial for a Dorito’s contest and the winning ad is shown on Super Bowl Sunday. We need to get the views up on the video posted so if you get a second, please check out the spot! Feel free to forward this email, post the link wherever. I’d appreciate it. Hopefully we’ll make it to the top 5. Wish us luck!

Wow, apparently he’s acting now. I’m not exactly sure if he has left TMZ or not, or if he’s only pursuing the acting when he has the free time. Regardless, I checked out the ad, and it’s definitely a winner. Thinking of the types of Super Bowl ads we usually see, I can see this one right up there. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Parker’s Dorito Ad

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