April and Ollie Still Together, It Appears

vwwswx.jpgAccording to this picture, April and Ollie are still an item, and I have to admit I’m surprised. I thought it was a definite showmance. I also didn’t think his preacher father was going to look too kindly on their in-house sex that was shown regularly on the live feeds. But here they are, bowling with the oddest romance to come out of season 8, Jen and Nick.

I wonder just how it was they came up with this double date of these two couples? They must have met at the party after the season was completed and exchanged phone numbers or something saying, “Hey, we should all go out one night!” How it was they decided on bowling, I’m not too sure.

But even more strange to me that they’re still together is that Jen and Nick now are. He had the biggest thing for Daniele all season, and no matter how many times Jen insisted he had kissed her, he flat out denied it, insisting he didn’t want anything to do with her. Yet, after the show, he and Daniele break up, and he ends up going out with Jen. And they’re the couple that stuck.

Maybe that means good things for April and Ollie. Maybe it means they’ll stay together awhile as well. I can’t find much else on them since the show ended, but I can only imagine they keep a low profile after their sexcapades. Her MySpace is marked private, probably for good reason. I can’t imagine the things people would try to post there.

Photo courtesy of tinypic.com

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