Dan’s Football Team – How’d They Do?

We’re big football fans here in this house. In fact, my son played on the local high school’s sophomore team this year,  and my husband coached a youth league while my daughter cheerled for the team. So, it’s something of interest to me. I wondered often since this past season of Big Brother ended how Coach Dan’s team did in his absence, and what happened after he came back.

According to his MySpace, Dan Gheesling isn’t back to teaching yet, but he is back to coaching, or at least he was. Searching up St. Mary’s site online, I found that they were .500 for the regular season, going 4-4, and two weekends ago had a wildcard playoff game in which they lost. Their season is now done.

It’s too bad it wasn’t more of a Cinderella season for St. Mary’s. It would have been nice if Dan had come back from the Big Brother house and led his team to the playoffs, but that wasn’t too be. I’m sure either way he’s doing just fine with his win of a half million dollars.

Come to think of it, Dan’s high school football team is doing better than the Detroit Lions. He should be proud!

Photo Courtesy of cbs.com

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