Boogie Wins Again!

mike-malin-mugshot000à—0400x496.jpgMike “Boogie” Malin has won a big chunk of change again! It’s just a guess, but I’m figuring he didn’t deserve it this time any more than he deserved it the first time.

Boogie and buddy Dr. Will Kirby were originally on season 2 of Big Brother, with Dr. Will going on to win and Boogie being the first guy evicted. They came back together for All Stars in season 7, intent on winning big with their “Chilltown” alliance once again. This time, Will was evicted by Janelle, who realized he would always choose his buddy over her, his showmance.

We would have much rather seen Dr. Will win for the second time, as he just isn’t as slimy as Boogie. The comments Boogie would make about women were terrible, and he took the showmance thing to an all new level, getting to final two with Erika Landin, then refusing to share a bed with her anymore, after several romps in the hay to get ahead (no pun intended) earlier. They were barely speaking when he won the 6-1 jury vote.

Reading up on his time in Los Angeles, although he and Dr. Will are now the owners of several nightclubs, before hitting Big Brother, as an aspiring actor, Boogie had been arrested for trespassing on the Warner Bros. lot and was found to be making a bootleg version of Batman and Robin. Allegedly, he was going to sell that and some pictures to Inside Edition for $35,000, according to Wikipedia. He was also arrested last year for assaulting a waitress in Denver over a World Series disagreement.

TMZ has now found Boogie to be a winner once again, with $150,000 extra in his pocket after a successful turn at a blackjack table at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Is it just me, or does he seem like he moves about his life doing whatever he wants and getting rewarded for it?

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