So Just When Does Season 11 Start?

300cbslogo042208.jpgSince the end of season 10 in September, there’s been quite some speculation about the eleventh season of Big Brother and when it will air. We were lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, to be treated to two separate Big Brother seasons in 2008. But what does 2009 have in store for us?

First of all, we have to realize the only reason we had an extra season in 2008 was because of the Writer’s Strike. With Big Brother airing three nights a week, that gave CBS three hours on their schedule they didn’t need to worry about. But, the season turned out badly, and it seemed to hurt the show more than anything else. Really, if we wanted all that, we would just turn on Skinemax.

CBS seemed to finally get it right this summer, airing a season that went back to basics, with little to no twists, and no one having pre-existing relationships. This was great, everything we’d been asking for, but there seemed to be less viewers, most likely because they’d driven so many away with that extra season of highly sexually-energized houseguests.

Baring all that, CBS really would have no reason to have a second season of Big Brother in 2009, unless they have three hours primetime that totally bombs this fall and nothing to replace it with this winter, then maybe they would, but with the writers back on the payroll, I’m not giving that theory much credence.

Browsing the web looking for an answer to this, I found no definitive answers and only speculation. CBS had announced the next season would be in the summer of 2009, but then applications are currently being taken with for the upcoming season with no definitive date for a deadline, and they were casting back in September, which makes no sense if they’re filming next summer.

I’m not a betting person, and only because I usually lose, but if I was, I’d be betting on there not being an extra season. Besides, if Les Moonves does sign off on another season of this in 2009, he’ll have his wife, Julie Chen, to contend with.

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