Evel Dick Behind Bars?

dick_donato.jpgScared and nervous by that title? Don’t be. Evel Dick is safe and sound and not in jail, or at least not to my knowledge.

This title refers to Dick Donato’s new reality show that he’s been shopping around. He’s making comparisons to Chef Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. According to Dick’s MySpace blog, just as Gordo travels around the country going to failing restaurants, then fixing menus, re-decorating, re-organizing the management, and cleaning out grease traps, Evel Dick plans to do the same with bars and clubs, given his extensive experience in the business.

The show concept has been well-received by those in the industry, according to Dick, and he’s spending this month shopping it around to the networks. I think it could work, yet I was always a big fan of Evel Dick and what he called his Dick at Nite shows at the Big Brother house, but that I renamed All Night Dick. Just as we get Chef Ramsay cursing out the manager of a restaurant, I would love to see Evel Dick doing the same to a bar manager.

Despite Dick being a product of CBS’ Big Brother, Idon’t see the show as quite right for that network. I could see it joining the ranks of Fox, though. It seems like it would be the perfect counterpart to Kitchen Nightmares. Currently we have two episodes of that on back to back each week. Why not follow it with Evel Dick Behind Bars? If not, I could see MTV or VH1 picking up this series as well.

Stay tuned to this space for updates on the latest on Evel Dick. Hopefully I’ll be reporting very soon that Dick Donato and his new series has been picked up and added to the fall 2009 schedule.

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What’s Up With Renny?

renny.jpgI posted a few weeks ago about the Big Brother 10 memorabilia currently available on eBay, and several of these items were put up for auction by none other than popular houseguest Renny. What else has she been up to since Big Brother 10 ended? Are she and Keesha still as tight? You can find out when she does a Blog Talk Radio chat on December 11th at 8:00 PM. I’m assuming that’s Eastern time. Here’s the link where you can find the chat:

Renny Martyn Chat.

Why Not Celebrity Big Brother for U.S.?

gary_busey.jpgWhen I scour the internet for Big Brother information, I keep seeing all these things pop up about Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, and this leaves me wondering why we can’t do it here in the U.S.

I did go over it in my head for awhile, wondering if that wouldn’t just be the same as Surreal Life. Then I realized it would be different, as on Surreal Life, the celebrities still had ties to their famous lives. They had celebrity parties, took sojourns to Las Vegas, held press junkets, etc. They’re not being removed really from their everyday lives.

With Big Brother, being removed from your daily life and being isolated is pretty much what the game is about. They aren’t allowed contact with family, unlike on Surreal Life, and they don’t get to leave the house, unlike on Surreal Life. The only thing similar is celebrities living in a house together.

So here’s the big question. Who should be on a U.S. version of Celebrity Big Brother? Who do you want to see on slop? What two celebrities would you want to watch playing chess every day on the show? Should we put Gary Busey in the house just to add a little crazy fun? How about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston to add some arguing and backbiting right off the bat?

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Photo courtesy of celebpulp.com

Big Brother Items On eBay – Still Some Left

8b8d_1.JPGI thought for sure all the show memorabilia for Big Brother would be gone now from eBay, that we would have had a few things for season 10, and now it would be done, but I find I’m wrong. It’s still going strong as some people capitalize on whatever they can.

If you’d like to dress like Dan, we have

his Taken shirt
St. Mary’s Football shirt

Renny is obviously capitalizing a little here

Renny pillow
Christmas ornament
“I Brake for Flakes” Christmas mug
Christmas Snowflake Ornament
Renny Autographed Christmas Ornament
Renny Christmas Pillow
Renny Christmas Stocking
LSU Shirt
Pewter Christmas Ornament
Diaper Bag
Team Renny T-Shirt

We even have items left from BB2
Krista Stefall’s BB2 Bag
2 Shannon and Will Keys

Did I just help you with your Christmas shopping or what?

Happy Thanksgiving BB Fans!

alex.jpgHopefully everyone is resting after having their fill of turkey, stuff, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie.

Two Big Brother alumni posted Thanksgiving wishes to us via their MySpaces here and here.

“Hey Jedi Fans,

Here is wishing you and your family the best Thanksgiving Day!

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to give thanks!

Jedi Howie”


“Hey everybody, hope all of my friends and fans have had a great year and ask everyone to have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

I would just like to say that I am Thankful for all of the support and love that I have received from all of you during the time I was on Big Brother 9 and even today. You have all been so great and supportive and I can’t thank you enough.

Love you all and hopefully one day I will be back on BB or even another reality show and return the love with sending support back while im on the show.

One Love,

Alex BB9

Keepin It Real”

I have to say it warms my heart to know they took time out to extend their wishes our way.

Winter Edition of Big Brother, Will They or Won’t They?

Just when you think you can put away the slop and RealPlayer until next summer comes other information suggesting there might possibly be a winter edition after all. There is still nothing from CBS at all suggesting or confirming this, but some others are suggesting that if the writers go ahead and strike, that we’ll have another winter like we had a year ago.

To me, it already seems like a winter from last year, and that’s just from the weather here around Chicago. It’s cold! I can’t find any hint of CBS suggesting they’ll follow through with a winter edition of Big Brother if the actors strike, but I did find another blog suggesting it will happen.

I can’t see why it would be in CBS’ better interests to hold an additional season of Big Brother. As excited as I was to have it last winter, it just never panned out. It seemed weird to have it on during the winter, and the way it was thrown together, it just never panned out. It was perhaps my least favorite season of all. Becaue of that, they had to walk into last summer’s season of Big Brother without any plan, but in a way, they seemed better, with no big secrets or twists.

The ratings didn’t seem all that good for the winter season, and the summer season seemed to suffer for it. Of course, if there is another additional season, I’ll be front and center by the live feeds, watching as I always do, but I’ll reserve the right grumble a little if it doesn’t go well.

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April’s New Job With the Lingerie Football League

april.jpgLast heard from, April was bowling with Ollie, her showmance from Big Brother 10, and Jen and Nick from Big Brother 8. It seems after this, that April and Ollie aren’t just a showmance, but a real couple, but perhaps the two months that have passed since the end of the season isn’t really enough to determine the future of the relationship.

Professionally, it seems April is on track as well. According to the Reality TV Gossip Blog, April is now playing for the Phoenix Scorch, part of the Lingerie Football League. The teams are made up of attractive women that play football in provocative clothing. It seems a little odd that they’re in outfits that resemble swimsuits, yet wear mouth guards and helmets and football pads. Looking up the website for the Phoenix Scorch, I can’t find evidence of April definitely being on the team, but I do have this photo of her that sure makes her seem like she is part of the team.

Photo Courtesy of realitytvgossipblog.today.com

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Dr. Will to Appear on The Doctors

Just in case seeing Will Kirby on Dr. 90210 and QVC isn’t enough for you, he’s appearing on yet another show this week, The Doctors. I did a little checking around to see what we can expect from his appearance.

Assumably he’ll be talking about his specialty of cosmetic dermatology, but the description of the show published on The Doctors website says the subject will be embarrassing questions from the audience. Dr. Will’s own website says he was filming two episodes of The Doctors. While we know one of the episodes will air Monday, November 17, we don’t know when the other will air.

What’s most interesting to me is that The Doctors website mentions nothing about Dr. Will appearing at all any days. This is a past reality TV show winner. Are they ashamed of the connection? They shouldn’t be as one of the doctors on the show, Travis Stork, was once on The Bachelor. He didn’t end up marrying his choice of the women. Instead, he’s now dating Carrie Underwood, an American Idol winner.

Do you want one more relaity TV connection, or better yet another Big Brother connection? According to this website, Sheila from season 9 will be in the audience asking questions. But, ssssh. Let’s not mention anything about reality TV.

Photo Courtesy of cbs.com

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Show Your Support for Parker

parker.jpgBeen wondering how Parker was doing after Big Brother 9 ended. I have been. Every time I see a TMZ video I wonder if Parker is behind the camera. I was assuming he had stuck with it and was back on the streets looking for stories. According to the email I received today, I was wrong.

Today I received the following,

Hope all is well. Normally I don’t send a massive email listing, but this is kind of relevant. I have Gmail, and they save all addresses you respond to during the life of your account so I apologize if you received this email in error. If you don’t remember who I am, we’ve had some interaction at some point in time. I got a little click happy but check out my ad anyways if you can. I acted in this spec commercial for a Dorito’s contest and the winning ad is shown on Super Bowl Sunday. We need to get the views up on the video posted so if you get a second, please check out the spot! Feel free to forward this email, post the link wherever. I’d appreciate it. Hopefully we’ll make it to the top 5. Wish us luck!

Wow, apparently he’s acting now. I’m not exactly sure if he has left TMZ or not, or if he’s only pursuing the acting when he has the free time. Regardless, I checked out the ad, and it’s definitely a winner. Thinking of the types of Super Bowl ads we usually see, I can see this one right up there. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Parker’s Dorito Ad

Photo Courtesy of cbs.com

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April and Ollie Still Together, It Appears

vwwswx.jpgAccording to this picture, April and Ollie are still an item, and I have to admit I’m surprised. I thought it was a definite showmance. I also didn’t think his preacher father was going to look too kindly on their in-house sex that was shown regularly on the live feeds. But here they are, bowling with the oddest romance to come out of season 8, Jen and Nick.

I wonder just how it was they came up with this double date of these two couples? They must have met at the party after the season was completed and exchanged phone numbers or something saying, “Hey, we should all go out one night!” How it was they decided on bowling, I’m not too sure.

But even more strange to me that they’re still together is that Jen and Nick now are. He had the biggest thing for Daniele all season, and no matter how many times Jen insisted he had kissed her, he flat out denied it, insisting he didn’t want anything to do with her. Yet, after the show, he and Daniele break up, and he ends up going out with Jen. And they’re the couple that stuck.

Maybe that means good things for April and Ollie. Maybe it means they’ll stay together awhile as well. I can’t find much else on them since the show ended, but I can only imagine they keep a low profile after their sexcapades. Her MySpace is marked private, probably for good reason. I can’t imagine the things people would try to post there.

Photo courtesy of tinypic.com

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